Avengers: Age of Ultron


On this first installment of “Just a Minute with Jeff”: a review of Avengers: Age of Ultron for parents who want to know if it’s ok for the kids.

*HINT* If your children are under the age of 6, instead of seeing the Avengers in theaters, I suggest Marvel Super Hero Squad which is streaming on Netflix.


EPISODE 19: Six More Episodes than Mulaney


On this week’s episode of the show: a nasty fact about Jeff’s dog, Jeff needs a stage name, why Mulaney failed, Fuzz’s fence saga, there are some weird people on this planet, Fuzz goes full geek on lawn care, and wasps are jerks.

Plus… a really dumb Dad Tip and a pretty good one – you pick which one is which.


EPISODE 18: VCRs and CD Burners


On this week’s show, the guys show their age. Fuzz fulfills his lifetime dream of sharing a stage with Chris Farley. They discuss how kids these days will never get the pleasure of renting movies like Disorderlies or House Party with Kid n Play, nor will they wear Cross Colors or Hypercolor shirts. A prophecy about future technology and how their kids will view them doing a podcast. Recycling old tube televisions. A discussion on the new National Lampoon’s Vacation trailer and how new Rusty has devolved into a typical “dumb dad.”

This week’s Dad Tips: 

  1. Choose your dentists wisely.
  2. Be actively involved in your kids’ interests.

EPISODE 15: Huggies & Chuggies


This week: Fuzz gets a Huggies and Chuggies party, tips for chugging from a baby bottle, Jeff’s all dressed up, tips for shopping at Kohl’s, undershirts are a ripoff, a lesson on saying controversial things on your podcast, the guys’ Furious Seven review, Straight Outta Eagle, the Mad Max plot, keeping baby names a secret, Dad Tip #1: don’t say ick, Dad Tip #2: modular storage.

EPISODE 14: Why Is This Bear Sticky?


In this week’s episode, Fuzz deals with flaky millennials, hiring sucks, wrastlin’, circle gets the square, why is this bear all sticky, do you even audiobook, bro?, Steve ripped his ear off, random rambling, Jeff can’t wait to eat, Fuzz’s daughter’s blog, Hopscotch app, Fuzz builds a garden box, groundhogs and rabbits, back to millennials, Dad Tip: Buying Furniture, Dad Tip: Check out digital books from your library.

EPISODE 13: Girl, Get in my Truck


In this week’s episode, Fuzz shares tips on local radio advertising, Fuzz talks about how he is sick of country music and then Jeff sings some, Fuzz and Jeff recount their veggie tale, GIANT KEURIG MACHINES!, baby keurig machines (also known as Baby Brezza machines – hit us up for a sponsorship!), Jeff recommends a book, a Dad Tip on backing up your photos and the Phineas and Ferb Marvel Comics Episode.