EPISODE 9: It’s Showbiz, Baby!


In this week’s show, the guys give a crappy recap of last week’s Grammy Awards, Fuzz is really getting old and has proof, they determine you’re either on Prime or you’re missing out, ugh…taxes, Grand Theft Auto with the kids, Raspberry Pi and Fuzz’s favorite wrestler. Listen

Follow along at home with this handy reference guide.

We’ll do it live

Kanye & Taylor Swift BFF

Fuzz’s Favorite Beyonce Song

Beck Album of the Year

Talented, yet ugly, 80’s Artists (Huey Lewis & the News, Kiss, Van Halen, Aerosmith)

Bruno Mars Super Bowl 2014

Missy Elliot Super Bowl 2015

De La Soul Send A Musical ‘Thank You/Sorry’ Letter To Their Fans 

House of Cards Season 3 “Accidently” Shows Up Online

Amazon Prime

Fuzz’s Tax Time Theme Song

GameStop PS3 Trade-In on PS4

Iran Iraq PS3 Reverse Engineer (yeah, we were wrong)

Homeland vs. State of Affairs

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA5 Radio Stations

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Arcade Console

Ready Player One (the 80’s nostalgic book Jeff just read)

Aladdin’s Castle Arcade

Golden Tee 2005

Pro Wrestler, known as SADIST, who works in Fuzz’s Office

The Miz (who does not work in Fuzz’s office)


Steve (aka SADIST) during his day-job