Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums for Kids

Are you a parent who wants to do your part to help your kids understand the history of heavy metal?

We have a list of the Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums for Kids. This list covers a lot of ground and music styles within heavy metal. These classic shredders will help your kids go from zero to 90 in their musical prowess. They’ll be impressing their friends and complaining about your music in no time.

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EPISODE 23: Never Talk About the No Hitter


This week: Fuzz realizes you never talk about your kid sleeping through the night. Amazon Prime is the bane of mail carriers everywhere. Gary V’s company’s PR issue in Cannes. Father’s Day gift recap. Brexit. Clipping kids’ fingernails. Hiring a lawn care operator to fertilizer your lawn and make it look great. Kids talking on the phone in the day of no landlines.

Many apologies from Fuzz for the breathy delivery, this week. The kids spread around the ick.

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