EPISODE 26: Guest Dad – Tim M.


Jeff has the week off, and fellow dad Tim has stepped in to take his place. This week, Fuzz and Tim talk about moving, traveling for work, and a list of other dad-related things.

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EPISODE 25: Seeking a Copy/Paste Gig


Whoa, dudes! 25 episodes!? Sweet!

This week, the guys play the caricature-stereotype game, try to guess what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth, dream about getting a sweet gig at BuzzFeed or Mashable where they can just read reddit and copy/paste all day, and they talk about Sesame Street parodies.

EPISODE 24: Appetite for Jeffstruction

This week, the guys give you a second episode just in time for the 4th of July. Give it a listen on your way to wherever you’re going. The guys touch on the boring state of rap music, traveling out of the country when you have little ones, bad Adam Sandler movies, the state of music videos, and the guys’ first concerts vs. their kids’ first concerts.

Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums for Kids

Are you a parent who wants to do your part to help your kids understand the history of heavy metal?

We have a list of the Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums for Kids. This list covers a lot of ground and music styles within heavy metal. These classic shredders will help your kids go from zero to 90 in their musical prowess. They’ll be impressing their friends and complaining about your music in no time.

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EPISODE 23: Never Talk About the No Hitter


This week: Fuzz realizes you never talk about your kid sleeping through the night. Amazon Prime is the bane of mail carriers everywhere. Gary V’s company’s PR issue in Cannes. Father’s Day gift recap. Brexit. Clipping kids’ fingernails. Hiring a lawn care operator to fertilizer your lawn and make it look great. Kids talking on the phone in the day of no landlines.

Many apologies from Fuzz for the breathy delivery, this week. The kids spread around the ick.

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EPISODE 21: The Guys’ Spooky Return


The guys are back from paternity leave. In this week’s episode: When is the best time to turn on the heat? What’s worse – actual hell or staying overnight with children in hotel rooms? People who smoke in the car with kids are worse than fascist rulers of 20th Century European empires. The pumpkin farm racket. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is the ‘Stallis of the Fox Valley. And costumes.

Happy Halloween!

EPISODE 20: The Lost Episode


If you haven’t heard, Fuzz’s wife had their baby girl – hence the recent hiatus. In fact, the little one popped out right after Episode 20 was recorded. And the episode has just been sitting there on Fuzz’s hard drive ever since…

UNTIL NOW. *cue dramatic music*

On this week’s episode, which was recorded 6 weeks ago, Jeff gives us the full lowdown on The Bachelor. Fuzz explains why sleep is habit forming. All about Weezer. Dexter Holland is a genius. The Adirondack Anniversary. The Mad Men Christmas Party episode. Giving birth. If you smell Febreze, run. Just say “no” to stuffed animals. Tsum Tsum toys. Anamaniacs. And more tangents than a 10th grade advanced geometry exam.


SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Review)


On this installment of “Just a Minute with Jeff”: a review of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water for parents who want to know if it’s ok for the kids.

Rated: PG
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes
Released in Theaters: February 6, 2015
Released on Redbox: June 2, 2015
Released on Netflix: ?

*HINT* If your children have never seen an episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants, they won’t be missing anything going into this film. It’s basically one long-format episode of the show.


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